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Lot 535, Unit 30, Colorado City, Colorado

Lot 535 lies on Cordial Lane, only 1.2 miles off of Apache City Road (Highway 181) and 4.3 miles from the center of Colorado City along State Highway 165. At slightly over 0.4 acres, it is a large lot that sits on the top of a hill overlooking Little Graneros Creek to the south and providing abundant views of the surrounding mountains and the valley Colorado City sits in. The property is mostly grassland with some trees and is fairly flat. Roads to the property are improved dirt roads that connect to Apache City Road to the east.Size: 17,589 Sq. ft.Zone: R4. The standards of this district (R-4) are designed to retain and provide areas with co-mingling of single-family dwelling units and limited multiple-family dwelling unit structures.Total Cost: $750 plus $250 for deed processing and recording.


We had 31 lots. All Pueblo County Colorado lots are sold out. We have excellent lots in Alamosa County and Costilla County Colorado. Please email us for detail.

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