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0.67 Acre Creek Front Lot Pueblo County Colorado


Property ID: 4736341010

County: Pueblo

State: Colorado

Backs to Graneros Creek

Dimension: 100 feet X 290 feet

SIZE: 0.67 ACRE (29000 sq. ft)

CO lot 309 Unit 41 Creek Front Lot GIS Map.jpg

More Details

Colorado City, Colorado lies in a valley approximately 19 miles south of Pueblo, Colorado along Interstate Highway 25.

The majority of the city lies to the west of IH 25, but a portion lies to the west of the highway.

Colorado City is part of the Pueblo metropolitan area for the federal census.

Most of Colorado City is flat to slightly hilly, providing many opportunities to build on your lot.

Bordered on the west by the front range mountains of Colorado and on the east by the Graneros Gorge, an approximately 200-foot-deep gorge formed by Graneros Creek.

Amenities include eateries, a golf course, a lake with a boat ramp, parks, campsites, a grocery store, a city pool, banking, and schools. And of course, fantastic views of the mountains to the west.

The city is broken into multiple units, each with covenants that cover the use of the lots. Mobile homes are not allowed throughout the city. Water and sewer services are provided within parts of the city. The systems are expanding as the city grows.


Pueblo lies approximately 20 miles to the north along IH 25, Colorado Springs is approximately 51 miles to the north along IH 25, and the Great Sand Dunes National Park lies approximately 53 miles to the west along the west side of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range.


Most of the mountains provide plentiful outdoor sporting opportunities and hiking and camping, as most of the mountain land is managed by the US Forest Service.

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