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1 ACRE LOT at Mead-O-Rama, Ranchos Unit #4


HUGE 1 ACRE LOT 45 at Mead-O-Rama, Ranchos Unit #4.


1 Acre lot located at W Elm Dr


Parcel# 336-10-245

Legal Description: Lot 45, Block "E", Mead-O-Rama, Ranchos Unit #4, Mohave County, AZ

Dimension: 100.72 feet by 420 feet

Zone: RE (Residential-Recreation)

Tax: $20. Paid through 2023. The buyer will be responsible for 2024. No proration.

Closing: we will prepare the deed and record it without any extra fees.

Approximate GPS coordinates: 35.860730, -114.155651

Grand Canyon West.jpg
336-10-280 Mohave GIS map.jpg

More Details

This lot, Lot 45, lies Mohave County, Arizona, in the northwestern part of Arizona. The area is mountainous with abundant views of the mountains in all directions. The northwestern part of Mohave County is known as the Arizona West Coast, it is bordered on the west by the Colorado River, which provides abundant opportunities for water-based recreation, including boating, rafting, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and tubing. Lake Mead lies just 11 miles to the north of the lot. Lake Havasu also borders Mohave County and is a large recreational lake that boasts the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City along with casinos aplenty. 


This lot is a short drive to the Arizona Joshua Tree Forest, which is a beautiful forest full of Joshua Trees. Its also a great place to take your family hiking or picnicking. Also close by is Quartz Rock in Fox Canyon. Quartz Rock is a cultural landmark for the area. And the Grand Canyon West skywalk lies approximately 22 miles east-northeast of the lot.


Mohave County boasts numerous historical sites, museums and cultural opportunities. Take time to learn about the history and culture of Western Arizona in the Colorado River Indian Tribes Museum and the Mohave Museum of History and Arts. Marvel at ancient ruins from Arizonas earliest inhabitants and browse displays of traditional crafts and stunning paintings. One can easily tour the ghost towns and old mining towns of western Arizona, such as Castle Dome Mines Museum and Ghost Town, about 40 miles north of Yuma. Travel to the Wild West city of Yuma, where the Yuma Territorial Prison provides a fascinating glimpse into the 19th-century prison conditions.

For those who enjoy bird and wildlife watching, there is the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge offers boating excursions and the chance to spot protected species, such as Yuma clapper rails and razorback suckers.


Details on Zoning R-E Residential-Recreation




A. Purpose The R-E zone is intended to allow development of residential parcels, primarily located in areas with topographic features that may require flexibility for placement of structures, and to allow a noncommercial guesthouse or secondary residence.


B. General Requirements

1. All applicable provisions of Sections 35, 36, and 37 shall apply to this zone.

2. For parcels less than one (1) acre in area, minimum building setbacks may be varied administratively by no more than 40% if topographic features, rocks, or trees, would have to be changed or removed to have structural setback compliance in any area where this applies. A variance of more than 40% of any setback on a parcel less than one acre, or any setback variance on a parcel one acre or greater in area shall require approval by the Board of Adjustment.

3. A kennel may be permitted as allowed by Section 37.J. C.


C. Uses Permitted

1. Agricultural uses and home occupations as permitted under the A-R zone.

2. A single-family dwelling, including a site-built home, a manufactured home (see Section 37. H), or a factory-built building, designed and used for single-family occupancy as defined in this Ordinance and accessory uses including non-commercial guest house or accessory residences.

3. Wireless communication towers and facilities with a maximum antenna height of forty (40) feet (see Section 37. R).

4. Community Gardens.

5. Churches and Schools.

6. Neighborhood Parks.


D. Uses Allowed After Acquiring a Special Use Permit

1. Hospitals, public and quasi-public buildings, parks, playgrounds, recreational areas or camps and golf courses, and uses of similar nature.

2. Recreational vehicle parks (see Section 37.G).

3. Recreational vehicles to be used as accessory residences.

4. Childcare group homes (see Section 37.Q). Section 16 REGULATIONS FOR RESIDENTIAL RECREATION OR R-E ZONE (continued) 40

5. Wireless communication towers and facilities with an antenna height of forty-one (41) feet to one hundred (100) feet (see Section 37.R).

6. Assisted Living Home (see Section 37.S).

5. Wireless communication towers and facilities with an antenna height of forty-one (41) feet to one hundred (100) feet (see Section 37.R).

6. Assisted Living Home (see Section 37.S).

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